Our experiences with and procedures for researching products run the gamut from idea generation for new products through test market tracking studies, including special techniques for strategy development, segmentation, concept testing, name testing, package development and product performance analyses.  Two of our procedures are outlined below.

Problem Analysis is one of several procedures we use to develop successful product ideas and positioning strategies for new/established products.  This technique is based on the proven philosophy that the most effective way to attract purchasers is by offering products/services that uniquely solve a meaningful problem with existing products or services.  Norm Leferman, our President, has been applying Problem Analysis for clients since he worked on its creation in 1974.

Problem Analysis as conducted by Leferman Associates is a 2-phase protocol.  An initial qualitative phase enables us to develop long lists of problems.  A follow-up quantitative phase measures the frequency, severity and solution preemptibility of each issue to develop actionable recommendations.

Problem Segmentation -- another technique we use -- is largely an expansion of the basic Problem Analysis format.  Applying multivariate procedures to problem scores helps us identify underlying consumer/business segments for which separate product solutions would be appealing and to prioritize the value of such segments.



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